Ms presenter mouse 8000.


Ms presenter mouse 8000





Ms presenter mouse 8000.


id-Confirm suggests replacing passwords with a device called id4u USB

Id-Confirm introduced id4u USB device that plugs into a USB port, which replaces static passwords vulnerable to guessing, theft and disclosure with generated one-time passwords. It is part of the id-Confirm SecureLink System, which is a “single, comprehensive and integrated” solution to the problem of user identification in computer networks. In addition, the SecureLink System performs other functions related to access control and auditing.

The role of complex systems, such as the SecureLink System, increases with the transition to complex corporate networks that include many resources and users with different access rights. In fact, in the person of id-Confirm, consumers receive a ready-made answer to a number of questions, which significantly reduces the time and material costs for system deployment, configuration and training.

Id4u USB will appear on the market this month, the company promises. SecureLink System is available in two versions – Enterprise and Client Editions.

Source: id-Confirm

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