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Netgear wnda3200





Netgear wnda3200.


ASUS is preparing “turbocharged” laptops on the Santa Rosa platform

Launch of the first Ultra-Portable PC (UMPC) with Navigator
GPS and laptop with Windows SideShow function company
ASUS decided to continue
mastering the introduction of advanced technologies into mobile systems, such as
Intel Turbo Memory (Intel

The company notes uneven development and progress
technologies. Against the background of the fact that over the past decade, productivity
processors as a whole has improved by about 30 times, the success of HDD
with an indicator of 1.3 times look more than modest. Therefore, it is not surprising that
everyone is looking for ways to improve the performance of the system as a whole by improving
disk subsystem.

As an option to solve the problem of low performance when
high power consumption, Intel Turbo Memory technology “asks”will speed up read and write operations by accessing flash memory

Owners of ASUS notebooks on the platform
Santa Rosa equipped with Intel Turbo Memory technology will get serious
an increase in the performance of their systems. This will affect the startup time
applications when waking the computer from sleep (hibernate mode)
and during the initial boot of the OS. In addition, the situation with
power consumption of the system, which is important for mobile computers.

Several new releases are expected in August
ASUS ‘turbocharged’ laptops based on the Santa Rosa platform, which will be equipped with
Intel Turbo Memory technology. These are models with a screen diagonal from 14 “to
17 “:

  • 14 “: F8SV-A1, V2S-A1
  • 15.4 “Widescreen: F3SC-A2, F3SV-A2 / B2, G1S-A2, V1S-A1 and
    VX2S-A1B / A2B (Black) & VX2S-A1Y / A2Y (Yellow) Lamborghini

  • 17 “Widescreen: A7S-A2 and G2S-A2 / A3

Source: ASUS

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