Netopia usb wireless adapter.


Netopia usb wireless adapter





Netopia usb wireless adapter.


Jetway A780S and A780G: first AMD RX780 motherboards

On the Jetway website, the specifications of the A780S and A780G motherboards, built on the basis of the AMD RX780 system logic set, have appeared (the well-known SB600 acts as the south bridge).

Unfortunately, we cannot find any support for HyperTransport 3 in the product specifications.0 or PCI Express 2.0, natively supported by AMD RX780. Judging by the HT frequency of 1000 MHz and PCIe x16 bandwidth of 4 Gb / s in each direction (note that in the description the manufacturer still refers to the “latest revision of HT”, but the bandwidth clearly indicates PCIe version 1.1), before us are products that differ little from solutions built on the previous generation of AMD chipsets.

The newly presented boards differ only in the network codec – the A780G has a gigabit one. The rest of the specifications are identical:

  • Chipset: AMD RX780 + SB600
  • Supports all AMD Socket AM2 processors
  • 4 x DDR2-800 memory slots
  • 4 SATAII ports with support for RAID 0, 1, 10
  • Expansion card interfaces: PCIe x16, PCIe x1 and 3 PCI
  • 8-channel audio codec
  • Form Factor: ATX

In general, the impressions of the new Jetway products are similar to those of the Biostar TF560 A2 + – the chipset is new, but its capabilities are absolutely not disclosed in the board. Most likely, chasing novelty in this case is not worth it, but it is better to wait for more functional boards.

Source: Jetway

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