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“Anti-Plagiarism” – a search engine for text pornography and advertising?

It is no longer a secret that the Anti-Plagiarism system (a system adopted by the VAK of the Russian Federation) is easily deceived using the Anti-Plagiarism Killer program. However, the developers give a new reason to talk about themselves, and again with negative intonations.

Recently, the developers of “Anti-Plagiarism” made a statement that a ten millionth document was added to the Internet service database, which tracks the fact of plagiarism in the work being checked. And it was also said that by the end of the year it is planned to reach the level of thirteen million documents.

Looking at the figure 10,000,000 – it is somehow hard to believe in the veracity of this statement. Are there really so many unique pages, abstracts and documents in the Russian Internet that can serve as sources for plagiarism in scientific papers??

And doubts were not in vain! After a detailed check of the content of the Anti-Plagiarism database, there were found pornographic texts, detailed descriptions of incest, bestiality, pedophilia and sodomy. Apparently, it is there that the sources of valuable scientific information are located, according to the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation ..

After that, it seems like a naive joke that the database also contains templates for documents, letters of happiness, advertising messages, fiction, etc.d.

And if we just wonder at the dishonesty of the developers of “Anti-Plagiarism”,
then the state should strictly ask whether the monetary costs are commensurate with the capabilities of the system, and whether the VAK had the right to use the Anti-Plagiarism system
to check serious scientific works!

More detailed information with screenshots can be obtained by following this link.

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