Nvidia geforce go 6150.


Nvidia geforce go 6150





Nvidia geforce go 6150.


Antivirus: Avast! v.four.7.one.029

Antivirus software updated – Avast!, which can find viruses on your PC’s hard drive, in its memory, in boot sectors, etc.d. Supports the search for viruses in letters, there is a script blocker. The virus database is constantly updated and can be downloaded from the Internet. Avast! has a simple and intuitive interface with skin support. Available in two editions – Home Edition (free for private use) and Professional Edition (paid for organizations).

Pick up Avast! v.four.7.one.029 at these addresses (Windows All):

  • Home Edition (15.6 MB, Freeware)
  • Professional Edition (15.8 MB, Shareware)

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