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Nvidia gts 150.


SearchInform: CD / DVD Publisher

The SoftInform company announces the entry to the market of a new product for organizing full-text search taking into account the morphology of documents placed on CD and DVD disks.

SearchInform CD / DVD Publisher is a software package from SoftInform for publishers of databases of electronic documents or archives released on CD and DVD disks. The software allows you to organize a fast full-text search, taking into account the morphology of data recorded on a CD or DVD.

SearchInform CD / DVD Publisher consists of two parts – SearchInform Master and SearchInform CD / DVD Client.

SearchInform Master is used to create search indexes. These indexes are created based on the contents of the disk and can help you find the information you need faster. The program indexes data quickly, at a speed of 15-30 Gb per hour, and the size of the search index is only 10-20% of the initial volume of the document base. The program also provides support for almost all common text file formats (including .pdf, .html, .doc, .xls, .rtf etc.d.) and ensured correct work with archives.

SearchInform CD / DVD Client is burned to CD / DVD together with the search index previously created by SearchInform Master and allows the user to organize a search session. The program has a high search speed, and allows the user to quickly search for the necessary information using the phrase search function, taking into account the morphology and the dictionary of synonyms.

The function of searching for documents similar in content to the query text is also available. The search for documents similar in content is based on SoftInform Search Technology and is carried out not by individual words and phrases, but by the whole text, that is, the search query is a text of a certain size. As a result, the search program displays a list of the necessary documents that are as similar as possible to the given fragment.

Key features of SearchInform Publisher:

  • Phrasal search taking into account the morphology and the dictionary of synonyms;
  • New technology for searching for similar documents SoftInform Search Technology;
  • High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 GB / hour);
  • The size of the index is 10-20% of the real volume of text information;
  • Support for over 60 common text file formats;
  • Correct work with archives.

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