Nvidia nvs 5100m.


Nvidia nvs 5100m





Nvidia nvs 5100m.


Blu-ray or HD-DVD? Perhaps the Chinese CH-DVD will be more popular and cheaper

Format wars, reports of spikes in popularity like
Blu-ray and HD-DVD
every now and then appear from different sources. However, not only these two can
High Definition Video Market Will Fill Soon.

Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center (OMNERC)
– laboratory engaged in research in the development of optical media
and drives at Tsinghua University (China) announced CH-DVD (China High
Definition DVD) is a new standard for HD video that
developed jointly with research institutes and large
by manufacturers, both local and foreign. It is stated that the Chinese have
intellectual property for this technology, but nevertheless, it
based on the HD-DVD standard, a 51GB version of which was recently
was approved by the organization

Chinese CH-DVD was also supported by the government, which
clearly attaches importance to the project, and this technology, in theory, is prepared
massiveness and popularity. On September 7, OMNERC established CHDA, the China High Association
Definition DVD Industry Association, which is supported by DVD Forum, Chinese and
foreign partners. CHDA must play a major role in promoting the standard
CH-DVD. Also, her task is to bring devices to the market in 2021,
supporting CH-DVD.

Originally CH-DVD is intended to be Chinese
standard for the Chinese market. But given the features of this project and
its origin, one can venture to assume that the cost of ready-made solutions, as
discs and players, will be lower than the counterparts offered by products with support
Blu-ray and HD-DVD, and therefore not
distribution of CH-DVD outside of China is excluded.

In the near future, the format will be “adopted” by various industries, and a rapid transition from
regular DVDs to media and devices of the CH-DVD standard.
CH-DVD is also stated to support effective copyright protection technologies
right, t.e. discs with copyrighted content will be protected from unauthorized
copying. So, it has already been stated that holders of media content, films in
in particular, they announced their readiness to release film products using

China also intends to start broadcasting next year
TV programs with support for high-definition video, CH-DVD and here will find its

Source: Business Wire

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