Nvidiageforce 7050.


Nvidiageforce 7050





Nvidiageforce 7050.


Oxford Semiconductor OXU931DS controller integrates USB 2 interfaces.0, eSATA and SATA II

Oxford Semiconductor Adds Another Product to the 93X Memory Controller Family. The new product, designated OXU931DS, allows you to equip devices with USB 2 functionality.0, eSATA and SATA II for flexibility in external storage design.

The controller is based on the ARM7 processor core. The microcircuit contains a SATA block and two physical layer interfaces (PHY), which makes it possible to configure the controller as a host or client device. In other words, developers can use it to add an eSATA (3Gb / s) interface to an external drive for connecting to a PC or a port for a second SATA hard drive. In the case of connecting two SATA hard drives, OXU931DS supports disk striping (RAID 0) and disk spanning modes, and the USB 2 interface is used to exchange data with a PC.0. Integrated USB 2 core.0 supports Full Speed ​​and Hi-Speed ​​mode, and is backward compatible with USB 1.one. In addition, 12 General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) lines are included in the configuration.

OXU931DS controller comes with drivers for Windows and Mac OS. Its firmware can be modified via the USB port. Demo board available.

Source: Oxford Semiconductor

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