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Pantech usb modem driver


VERIZON PANTECH USB MODEM DRIVER INFO:.How to connect Pantech UML via Windows 10 – Verizon Community


Sep 03,  · The final place you can search for device drivers is directly through the manufacturere’s website. I searched, and it’s not available there either. Pantech’s direct number: () The safe answer is that your device does not have the ability to sync or act as a modem with a computer. Step 1: Download the Pantech Modem Utility from the Pantech Utility site. You will have to register for this free utility application and it is Windows Only at the present time. Step 2: Load the Application. Step 3: Connect the UML to the computer, and make sure the Verizon Access Manager is Closed. Step 4: Open the Pantech Modem Utility. May 11,  · Download the driver (s) and follow the instructions to install – every computer is different so I can’t give you exact directions. Pantech Support: If they don’t have drivers, try Windows Update – Update driver for hardware that isn’t working properly:


Pantech usb modem driver.Download Pantech USB Driver (Model and CPU Based) –

To check for or to install software updates on your Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem UML, view this info. Please consider upgrading to a newer device by logging in to My Verizon, or visit the Pantech site for support or the Verizon Community where you can post your question to find answers. The devices no longer supported include the following: Pantech 4G LTE Global USB Modem UML; Pantech Breakout™ Pantech Caper™ Pantech Crux™ Pantech. Jan 07,  · Give Lenovo’s forum a week or so. You might search the forum too. Verizon sells the Novatel Mifi L and the Netgear ACL mobile hotspot. These are a little different and not as convenient as a built-in device or a USB modem, but they use can use USB .
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Freescale expands the MRAM family with two entries

Promising types of non-volatile memory are gradually being introduced to the market. We recently wrote about the use of non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) in the Ramtron VRS51L3174 microcontroller, and now we will talk about Freescale Semiconductor products. This company is known to promote Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) technology.

Freescale has recently expanded its product range with the world’s first 4 Mbit MRAM device designed for 3.3V supply voltage and an extended operating temperature range (from -40 to + 105 ° C). Thus, the road to industrial, automotive, military, aerospace electronics opens up for new technology. The product received the designation MR2A16AV. It has a logical organization of 256K x 16. Read and write speed does not exceed 35 ns. In terms of pinout and pin assignment, the new IC is compatible with standard SRAM and nvRAM devices used on the market. The picture shows a 4 Mbit MRAM crystal.

In addition, Freescale has expanded the MRAM line with a 1 Mbit device – at the moment such memory is the most demanded in embedded systems. The MR0A16A is also powered by a 3.3V power supply, but is designed for operation in a slightly more limited temperature range: 0 – 70 ° C. Logical memory organization – 64K x 16, read and write time – 35 ns.

Samples of MR2A16AV and MR0A16A are currently available. Estimated wholesale price of MR2A16AV is $ 25, MR0A16A is $ 10 apiece. Further expansion of the MRAM range is planned by Freescale in the third quarter.

Source: Freescale Semiconductor

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