Apple has released new ultra-thin keyboards

New Ultrathin Keyboard Launched With New iMacs Will Also Be Sold Separately. In addition, Apple introduced a new wireless keyboard, which differs from the iMac keyboard with a “laptop” layout and no USB 2 ports.0.

Both keyboards are about 1 cm thick, are made in an aluminum case and have keys that are at some distance from each other, similar to how it is implemented in MacBook laptops.

Both keyboards have function keys for calling Expose and Dashboard, starting and stopping media playback, navigating through tracks.

A wired keyboard requires a Mac with a USB 1 port.1 or 2.0, Mac OS X 10.four.10. Its cost is $ 49.

New wireless keyboard is powered by three AA batteries and requires a Mac with Bluetooth and Mac OS X 10.four.10. Cost – $ 79.

Note that the new keyboard managed to “light up” on the Internet before its official presentation. This was one of those rare occasions when Apple was unable to keep an unveiled product secret.

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