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Medison laptop for $ 150: still not a scam?

One of the main events of the last IT week was the start of accepting pre-orders for its laptops by the Swedish company Medison. Without striking the imagination with its hardware characteristics, this product cannot but win over with its $ 150 price tag.

Over the time since the announcement, more than one thread of discussion has opened on the Internet, and the company has received more than one hundred e-mails, which forced it to convene a press conference in its homeland.

The director of Medison, Valdi Ivancic, refused to admit, despite the obvious external resemblance to Clevo products, the fact that she is the contract manufacturer of $ 150 laptops. Releasing the collector’s name would hurt his relationships with other partners, he said. It only sounded that the assembly will be carried out in Brazil.

Ivancic confirmed that the first ordering will receive their $ 150 laptop on August 15. In order to dismiss possible suspicions that all this is nothing more than a scam, a representative of Medison drew the attention of the press to the fact that when buying through the 2Checkout online store, not a cent will be debited from the buyer’s account until it is received. confirmation that delivery took place.

The founders of Medison announced that they do not plan to make money on laptops, but rather they are interested in income from advertising posted on their website and sales of laptop accessories.

Interestingly, while the first owners may be getting their PCs in a week, Medison has yet to reach an agreement with a company that will provide user support. It is planned that it will be Infocare.

Source: Computer Sweden

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