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Scientists try to use teeth to control electronic devices

It looks like Japanese scientists have found a useful use for “gnashing teeth”. Experts from the University in Osaka decided to build a human-machine interface on the manipulation of molars.

The idea behind the research was simple – to create a switch that could be used by people whose physical disabilities make it impossible to use conventional switches. The result of the work was a kind of “bandage” with which infrared sensors are fixed on the head, recording the tension of the temporal muscles that occurs at the moment when the operator clenches the molars.

The computer analyzes the signals received from the sensors to decide how much they correspond to the intentional clenching of the teeth and generate a control signal for the electronic device that the user controls. Errors were allegedly reduced because other muscle movements correspond to talking or eating.

So far, the device allows you to turn devices on and off (which is played by a CD player), but scientists believe that the development can eventually be adapted to access other functions of the player, check e-mail, manipulate a cell phone and control an electric wheelchair.

Source: Digital World Tokyo

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