Pxi 7854r.National Instruments PXI-7854 / PXI-7854R R-Series PXI Multifunction Reconfigurable I/O Module


Pxi 7854r


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National Instruments PXI PXI Multifunction Reconfigurable I/O Module The PXI (Part Number: ) shows a favorable position of the FPGA Module, which is a parallel execution of square outline tasks in a FPGA VI. Bits of the square chart that do not rely upon different segments execute in parallel on the FPGA gadget. The PXI‑ features a dedicated A/D converter (ADC) per channel for independent timing and triggering. National Instruments NI PXIR/PXI | eBay The PXI‑ features a dedicated A/D converter (ADC) per channel for independent timing and triggering. Skip to main contentBrand: National Instruments. SPECIFICATIONS NI PXIeR R Series Reconfigurable I/O Module (AI, AO, DIO) for PXI Express, 8 AI, 8 AO, 48 DIO, 1 MS/s AI, Kintex-7 T FPGA.


Pxi 7854r.National Instruments NI PXIR/PXI | eBay

8 rows · NI PXIR Reference. R Series Reconfigurable I/O Module (AI, AO, DIO) 8 AI channels, 8 . PXI/PXI_Trigx: Trigger channel x, where x is the channel number. Use an FPGA I/O Node configured for reading or writing, or use the Set Output Data or Set Output Enable method to access this channel. Follow the guidelines for using PXI triggers with the LabVIEW FPGA Module.: Board IO/Device Temperature: Returns the current temperature of the device, in increments of °C. FPGA Resource Utilization Estimates for NI PXIR LabVIEW FPGA Version: NI-RIO Version: Date: 8/5/ Note: The numbers presented in this document are estimates. Actual resource usage for your designs may be different (smaller or greater) than the resource usage computed using the information contained in this document. 1.
NI PXI-7854R Reference
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