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Diamonds Forever: ADT Introduces New MEMS Materials at SEMICON West 2021

SEMICON West 2021 kicks off in San Francisco today, showcasing cutting-edge advances in electronics and manufacturing technology. For example, Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), which specializes in the development and production of diamond films for industrial applications, has introduced a new range of products designed, in particular, for the production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Recall that photolithography MEMS technology makes it possible to produce microcircuits with tiny mechanical elements – smart devices (micromachines) with a variety of functions: from sensors to pacemakers.

The ADT product line includes the Diamond on Insulator (DOI, “diamonds on insulator”) wafers, which complement the previously proposed Diamond on Silicon (DoSi, “diamonds on silicon”) line. The wafers are produced by vacuum deposition of a layer of ultrapure nanocrystalline diamond (UNCD) on a silicon base.

UNCD DOI wafers are said to serve as a platform to validate new instrument concepts and develop process technology that will pave the way for the use of diamond films in a wide range of instruments, including MEMS and electronic chips. According to ADT, the development carried out by its specialists “finally makes diamond a material suitable for mass production of various semiconductor devices.”.

Source: Advanced Diamond Technologies

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