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Gainward Bliss 8600 GT 1024MB TV DD: the record holder for the amount of RAM among cards based on NVIDIA GPUs

Surely, most of our readers know that the latest generation of high-performance gaming video cards based on NVIDIA chips has 768 MB of video memory with a 384-bit interface.

Gainward, thus, became the record holder for the amount of RAM installed on a board of such a 3D graphics accelerator – its Bliss 8600 GT 1024MB TV DD is equipped with 1 GB (!) DDR2, clocked at 500 (1000) MHz.

At the same time, the manufacturer bypasses in the product description the width of the memory interface, which, for sure, remained equal to 128 bits.

Recall that even for AMD Radeon HD 2900XT, the gigabyte of video memory did not give practically any increase in speed compared to the standard 512 MB version, let alone the use of unnecessary old and slow memory chips, coupled with not the fastest GPU. The clock frequency of the latter is 600 MHz.

The card has two DVI-I outputs.

To be fair, we note that Gainward was not the first company to release such a strange product. In the last generation of NVIDIA accelerators, Biostar noted a similar solution.

Source: Gainward

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