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Realtek rtl8101 driver





Realtek rtl8101 driver.


ITOX Embedded ATX Board G7B630-NRM-G Supports Quad Core Processors and RAID

The G7B630-NRM-G motherboard supporting Intel Core 2 Quad processors has been added to the range of the ITOX company specializing in embedded x86 products. The high-performance ATX board is designed specifically for embedded applications that require a stable platform that has been available for a long time, the company says. The motherboard, built on the basis of the Intel Q965 Express system logic set and the ICH8DO south bridge, was assigned by the manufacturer to the Long-Life category, which means guaranteed availability until December 2021. LGA775 processor socket supports a wide range of Intel Embedded Architecture processors including Intel Core2 Quad, Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Celeron D.

Other features of the board include the presence of a disk subsystem controller with support for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10, Intel Matrix Storage technologies and Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT).

Some details of the G7B630-NRM-G:

  • RAM – up to 8 GB, dual channel, DDR2 533, 667 and 800 MHz;
  • Two PCI Express Gigabit LAN controllers;
  • Five SATA 3Gb / s ports;
  • UltraDMA 133 IDE interface;
  • Two ports IEEE 1394;
  • Ten USB ports 2.0;
  • Expansion slots: PCI Express x16, PCI Express x1, 4 PCI;
  • Built-in sound and graphics subsystem.
  • Non-RAID and Intel AMT option available (G7B630-N-G).

Trial samples of ITOX G7B630-NRM-G and G7B630-N-G are currently available. Serial deliveries, according to the company, will begin in November. G7B630-NRM-G price is $ 430, G7B630-N-G – $ 398.

Source: ITOX

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