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Realtek rtl8101e.


MSI P35 Diamond motherboard: VoIP, good sound, support for 45nm processors and DDR3 memory

Micro-Star International (MSI) Announces P35 Diamond Motherboard Based on Intel P35 Express Chipset. The board supports DDR3 memory and Intel processors with FSB 1333 MHz, including existing and pending 45nm, multi-core models with Core architecture.

Among other important features of the MSI P35 Diamond motherboard, the manufacturer notes the use of the exclusive Circu-Pipe cooling system, which does not use fans. A system containing heat pipes, according to the company, maximizes the efficiency of heat dissipation. Circu-Pipe is said to outperform previous heat pipe solutions by over 20%. The compact size of the finned heat sinks attached to the tubes, according to MSI, will allow large CPU coolers and graphics cards to be installed in a P35 Diamond-based system.

Another interesting feature of the MSI P35 Diamond is the use of SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio with a hardware codec that supports 24-bit Crystalizer technology, which allegedly enhances the sound of MP3 sound recordings, and CMSS-3D surround sound technology.

Finally, the original feature of the board is the MSI SkyTel function, which allows you to use a regular telephone set for IP telephony. MSI P35 Diamond based system users will not need to buy separate VoIP device or accessories. A regular phone connected to a PC on the P35 Diamond can be used to communicate via Skype.

Technical features of the P35 Diamond:

  • Chipset – Intel P35 Express;
  • Processor socket – LGA775
  • Processors – Intel Core 2 Quad / Duo / Extreme;
  • FSB frequencies – 1333, 1066, 800 MHz;
  • Memory – dual channel, DDR3-1333 / 1066/800 MHz;
  • Expansion slots – 2 PCI Express x16 (one of them works in x4 configuration);
  • ATI CrossFire support;
  • Ports: 4 + 1 SATA2 3Gb / s and 2x eSATA2 with Matrix RAID support;
  • Sound subsystem – 7.1, X-Fi Xtreme Audio;
  • Network adapter – Gigabit Ethernet.

There is still no data on the price and timing of the appearance of new items on the domestic market.

Source: MSI

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