Saitek p990 drivers.


Saitek p990 drivers





Saitek p990 drivers.


QNAP TS-209 Pro Turbo Station – Hot Swappable Dual Drive NAS

QNAP Systems Unveils Network Attached Storage (NAS) TS-209 Pro Turbo Station. The manufacturer emphasizes the high performance of the device, which is configured with a 500 MHz processor, 128 MB DDR 2 and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Product functionality includes automatic data synchronization and backup, data sharing among clients running Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix.

RAID 1 configuration with hot-swappable drives is used to increase data safety, and data protection from unauthorized access is provided by encryption. Supported FTP, web server (PHP with MySQL and SQLite), Remote Replication with encryption, Web File Manager, built-in DDNS, SSL and SSH. In other words, it is not in vain that the manufacturer characterizes the novelty with the term “All-in-one”.

TS-209 Pro is designed for continuous use. According to the company, the TS-209 Pro case design provides efficient cooling of the drives – this purpose is served by a variable speed fan and a shape of the seats that creates the effect of a wind tunnel. The case houses two 3.5-inch SATA hard drives with a total capacity of up to 2 TB.

The company promises to start deliveries of the product this month. Price has not yet been announced.

Source: QNAP

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