Ramtron launches another chip with FRAM

Co-inventor of Non-Volatile Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) Ramtron International has added the VRS51L3174 to its new memory product range.

The new product is an 8051-compatible microcontroller with 8 KB FRAM, which directly replaces existing counterparts designed for installation in standard 44-pin sockets for QFP packages. The addition of FRAM memory to the well-proven Versa 8051 microcircuit, according to Ramtron, has further improved its consumer qualities due to its reliability and high speed. Recall, compared to other types of non-volatile memory used in microcontrollers, FRAM has a higher operating speed and reliability, practically without limiting the number of erase and write cycles. Unlike flash memory, modifying data in a FRAM cell does not require an entire sector to be erased first.

Other features of the VRS51L3174 include high performance (40 MIPS), 64KB flash memory, 4KB SRAM, digital signal processing (DSP) extensions and a set of peripheral blocks. In particular, we are talking about the USB-JTAG interface, which simplifies the debugging of products during design and modernization; dual universal asynchronous transceiver (speed up to 1.25 Mbit / s); Enhanced SPI interface (speed up to 20 Mbps); pulse width modulators, counters, timers, I2C interface and 49 interrupt lines.

The VRS51L3174 microcircuit is available in a QFP-44 package, is designed for power supply from a 3.3V source and operation within the industrial temperature range. All this makes it a good choice when building data collection systems: from networks of sensors and meters, to controls in industrial equipment, measuring and medical devices. VRS51L3174 wholesale price does not exceed $ 5

Source: Ramtron International

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