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Trackball explorer driver





Trackball explorer driver.


Microsoft: GPUs are responsible for 20% of all OS crashes

According to statistics compiled by Microsoft, in 20% of cases, PCs running under Windows operating systems freeze (studies were conducted for Windows 2000, XP and Vista) due to problems with the graphics subsystem.

At the same time, games are far from the main reason that causes failures in video card drivers or other reasons that cause system instability.

In 38% of cases, when the system made a critical error, users used various interactive applications, and in 30%, the desktop was simply updated. Games cause freezes and other problems in only 1/5 of all GPU-related problems.

According to Microsoft, the WDDM driver model implemented in Vista can significantly reduce the proportion of critical errors for the system related to the graphics accelerator. According to the collected statistics, in 93% of cases, the system is able to return to a fully operational state without a complete reboot, and only in 7% of other users will have no other way out.

Source: Clubic

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