Usb ultra pro driver download.


Usb ultra pro driver download





Usb ultra pro driver download.


Ultra X3 600W PSU: High Efficiency and Modular Cable Management

Ultra high-performance X3 series of PSUs is replenished with a 600W PSU supporting all the latest developments from the manufacturer.

The product has an efficiency of more than 85% at typical load, which means it falls into the category that Ultra itself calls Energy Efficient. PFC type – active.

Cooling of product components is carried out by one 135 mm fan with automatic speed control depending on the temperature.

The power supply has two 6-pin connectors for powering video cards with PCI Express interface, five connectors for powering devices with SATA interface, eight 4-pin connectors (Molex).

All cables are detachable. They feature FlexForce technology, which allows them to be shaped to the desired shape for optimal airflow in the chassis.

One + 12V power line provides 36A.

The power supply complies with the ATX v standard.2.2.

The manufacturer’s declared MTBF under full load is more than 100 thousand hours.

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