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Usb ultrapro driver windows 7.


Aleratec promises to “cure” scratches on DVD and CD in five minutes

Aleratec, offering optical disc replication solutions such as 1: 8 DVD / CD Tower Publisher HLX and 1: 3 Copy Cruiser BLU, Introduces a Scratch Removal Tool for Optical Disc Surfaces. Dubbed Aleratec DVD / CD Disc Repair CG, the kit claims to deal with “most mild, moderate and severe damage” on DVD and CD media containing photos, music, videos, games and data.

Aleratec DVD / CD Disc Repair CG repairs most damage within five minutes, according to the company. Includes two bottles of 500 ml polish each and two replacement pads.

All that needs to be done to save a damaged disk is to fill up the polish, load the damaged disk, set a timer and turn on the device. After processing, the drive is said to be “almost new”.

Certainly, at a price of $ 525, DVD / CD Disc Repair CG (cat. number 240135) is designed not so much for individual consumers, but for organizations and institutions.

For those with a lot of scratched discs, for $ 189, the company offers a DVD / CD Disc Repair CG consumable kit, which includes ten 500 ml bottles of polish and four pads. According to the manufacturer’s estimates, this is enough to “cure” about 500 discs.

Source: Aleratec

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