The Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary of Living Vocabulary in Russia

For the first time in many years a new, two-volume large English-Russian dictionary has been published in Russia. This is the result of many years of work by professional lexicographers and linguists with the support of enthusiastic translators who suggested their edits and new articles. Thanks to joint efforts, the ABBYY Lingvo Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary, in addition to the basic vocabulary, includes words and concepts that have appeared in our lives over the past decade. Until now, they have not been found on the pages of domestic paper dictionaries.

The ABBYY Lingvo Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary is a two-volume illustrated hardcover edition. Each volume contains over 1300 pages. The dictionary was published thanks to the joint efforts of professional linguists and lexicographers of the Russian company ABBYY, as well as specialists from the publishing houses Russkiy Yazyk Media and Drofa. In total, it took about 60 person-years to create the dictionary.

Participants of the translation forum forum helped to replenish the dictionary daily with modern vocabulary, which is often absent even in explanatory and other specialized resources. Over the past 35 months, they have published over 430 thousand. messages, more than 7 thousand. new words.

New words and concepts included in the “ABBYY Lingvo Comprehensive English-Russian Dictionary” have recently appeared in English. These words are commonly used by native speakers and are found in modern English-language media and in specialized literature – technical, economic and marketing texts. But in the English-Russian paper dictionaries that exist in Russia at the time of the release of ABBYY Lingvo, there is no such vocabulary. The fact is that the dictionary base of paper editions similar to ABBYY Lingvo has not been updated for over 10 years. And, of course, concepts such as blog or flash mob cannot be found in them.

ABBYY Lingvo provides translations and interpretations of: concepts from the field of modern information technologies, in particular, the Internet and telecommunications – blogger, cookie, ICQ, BYOB, IMHO; words denoting new phenomena in various spheres of life – bird flu, taikonaut, mobbing, control freak, dating; new and changed geographical names – the Republic of Montenegro (until June 2021, the republic was part of the state of Serbia and Montenegro); new concepts in business – B2B, outsourcing; social sphere and politics – positive discrimination, rogue state, proactive; cooking – lemon curd; many other new words, phrases and abbreviations.

ABBYY Lingvo’s dictionary contains about 100 thousand. words and phrases that form the basis of modern English. In addition, more than 50 thousand additional entries are placed in the dictionary entries. phrases and 10 thousand. idioms and phrasal verbs. About 40 thousand. examples taken from contemporary British and American texts and classical literature are given to illustrate the lexical meanings of words.

The production, sale and promotion of the “Large English-Russian Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo” is carried out by the publishing house “Drofa”. As the first months of sales showed (the dictionary appeared on the shelves in June 2021), the new product is in great demand: demand is 15% higher than the most optimistic expectations. The recommended retail price of a two-volume edition in the Bustard store (Shkolnik, M. Taganskaya, B. Bricklayers, 6, p.1a) is 1196 rubles. A disk with an electronic version is attached to the dictionary as a gift.

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