Ux2 driver.


Ux2 driver





Ux2 driver.


Diagnostics: CPUCooL v.eight.0.five

An updated version of CPUCooL has been released, a set of 7 utilities that allow you to control the temperature and voltages of the computer’s power supply, monitor and adjust the fan speed for most motherboards built on chipsets from ALI, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, SIS and VIA. S technology supported.M.A.R.T., software cooling, optimization of the processor and memory, the function of quickly shutting down the PC. In addition, the program allows you to change the FSB frequency with a loaded OS.

In version 8.0.5 new PLLs added, bugs fixed. More details will be available there soon.

Take CPUCooL v.eight.0.5 from there (Shareware, Windows All):

  • English version (1.7 MB)
  • Russian version (1.7 Mb, old version)

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