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Gigabyte may overtake ASUS with Intel X38 Express motherboards

According to the source, Gigabyte Technology may overtake ASUSteK Computer with the launch of high-performance motherboards based on Intel X38 Express. The start of deliveries of these products under the Gigabyte brand is expected at the end of this month.

Earlier it was assumed that both of the aforementioned motherboard manufacturers would begin shipping products based on X38 by the end of September, but now there are concerns that ASUSteK will be delayed by about two weeks. The reason is the need to make some corrections, the exact content of which is not disclosed.

The source claims that the delay in the release of the chipset itself (initially its debut was scheduled for August, but was postponed to September) is also due to the need to eliminate errors still present in it.

Recall that the first samples of X38-based Gigabyte motherboards were shown at Computex Taipei.

Source: DigiTimes

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