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Vision tek x1550.


Internet and networks: Hidden Administrator

Hidden Administrator is a small, free program designed to manage remote computers (like RAdmin, RealVnc, NetOp, etc.).d.).

The main features of the program:

  • covert surveillance of remote computers;
  • control of remote computers;
  • shutdown of a remote computer;
  • reboot the remote computer;
  • sending messages to a remote computer;
  • obtaining information about the system;
  • getting information from a full-screen DOS window;
  • hiding / showing the Taskbar;
  • hiding / showing desktop icons;
  • hiding / showing the mouse cursor;
  • opening / closing CD-ROM;
  • minimization of all windows;
  • work with the registry;
  • work with applications of a remote computer (termination of any application);
  • actions with windows on a remote computer (minimizing, hiding, restoring, etc.).d.);
  • launching programs on a remote computer;
  • automatic termination of applications and processes;
  • and much more…

What’s new in version 1.9: added multilingual installer; added “Print” section (remote document printing); added the function of saving screenshots every [N] screen updates; added the ability to connect to the server without a password; added support for Windows XP styles.

Download Hidden Administrator from there (1.2 MB, Freeware, Windows XP / NT / 2000/2021).

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