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Wna1000m driver.


Scythe: QuadFan Infinity CPU cooler with heatpipes and four fans

Scythe Company Demonstrated Interesting Air Cooling System. Despite its
massiveness and cumbersomeness, this solution promises to be very effective
due to its design.

Cooler QuadFan, as seen in the photo,
is the result of a “crossing” of a Mugen radiator and four fans
Kama Flow creating powerful and
effective air flow.

It was created using the proven “IIFS” (Infinity Interleave Fin Structure) heatsink structure, which was first used on the successful “Infinity” CPU cooler and also provides high efficiency to the “Andy Samurai Master”.

Fan speed: 1000/1200 / 2х1500 rpm./ min.
It is noted that this solution is superior in efficiency
“boxed” Intel cooler by 41.66%.

As a result of tests carried out at Scythe
with an Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 processor, it was found that
QuadFan Infinity outperforms the stock CPU cooler in
state of inactivity at 6.5 ° C
(24 versus 18.5), and under load at 15 ° C
(51 vs 36).

Source: Scythe

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